Best Basketball Backpack

Are you searching for a dependable basketball backpack? Congratulations, because you’ve come to the perfect place! We understand how you cannot bring all your basketball stuff using only your arms. That’s why you must get a backpack that’s roomy enough to bring all the things you lug with you for basketball.

Every basketball player understands the significance of having a full-sized basketball backpack. Very different from an average bag, those are made with the baller in mind, letting you carry around your basketball stuff without having to lug around a massive gym bag.

Further, the size of your basketball industry indicates there’s an endless supply of basketball bags for you to choose from. We also know the need for the best basketball backpacks. Thus, we collected some of the best options available in the market to help you find the ones that are worthy of your money. Our suggestions below are the ones that are not only stylish but spacious at the same time, durable, multi-functional, and many more.

Best Basketball Backpacks

Be ready to pick from our Top 8 Basketball Backpacks below.

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack


We are all aware of how amazing Nike products are, and this is the ideal basketball backpack designed by Nike. It looks amazing. As is common with most of their products, the Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 features a simple design, along with a major point of focus being the Nike swish located at the bag’s bottom front part.

It’s extremely well designed as well. It’s worth mentioning that it is water-resistant, and it has a separated dry and water compartment, which enables you to put your smelly socks and towels and top in one section, and the clean clothes on the other side.

It is large enough to fit all you need inside, without being bulky. That comfort indicates it can be utilized as a general back, too, instead of solely for basketball games. It’s a bit costly, but the durability and quality you receive mean you will receive good use out of it for a very long time.

  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Offers big space for your things
  • An excellent design like no other
  • A bit expensive

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack


The Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack features a modern design and top-notch materials. It comes in different colors and is a uniform size. With one big compartment and a few side pockets, you can rest assured of getting enough storage space to bring your ball and other things. You will also find another great feature—a wet and dry compartment, which will keep your bag clean and dirty things away from one another. How amazing is that?

No matter how heavy you pack this bag, it won’t put a strain on your shoulders. You can be safe at all times with a water-resistant bottom side, even if you put it on wet surfaces.

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • It features a thirteen inches shoulder drop and zipper closure
  • The Nike Dri-Fi microfiber fabrication removes sweats away.
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • A bit expensive

Nike Jordan Jump man Style Backpack


The Nike Jordan Jump Man Style Backpack features two compartments to allow you to have enough space to keep your things. It also offers a pouch in the main compartment for the laptop and a dual adjustable carry strap. This backpack is designed from 100% durable polyester to offer you longer services.

This basketball backpack right here belongs to the top-tier class of basketball backpacks available on the market. There’s enough space for your stuff, and you can easily fit both basketball room and shoes with room to space.

For your other things, you will find side pockets that provide excellent usability. A robust, water-resistant material is utilized for this backpack, and it gives a top-notch level of protection even in heavy snow and rain conditions.

  • Offers strap comfort
  • Excellent materials
  • Spacious enough for a ball and other stuff
  • It might rip when used too much

Adidas Unisex-Adult Creator 365 Backpack


The Adidas Unisex-Adult Creator 365 Backpack brought a lovely bag with all the facilities for the basketball players. One of the best things about this backpack is it is a roomy one with a massive space to bring all your things together.

It features a separate room for your water bottle, laptop, shoes, all small gears, and of course, the ball. Most of them are locked by a zipper so you can keep your things secured and safe. Further, the base compartment is made from water-resistant material, keeping your necessities intact and dry.

 The outside is water-resistant as well. Polyester offers this bag decent protection. The Adidas Basketball Backpack comes in one size only, but you can pick colors.

  • The base compartment is water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • It offers massive space for your things.
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Only available in one size

MIER Basketball Backpack


The MIER Basketball Backpack features a durable exterior shell, designed tough with abrasion resistance for demanding basketball players. With a 40L capacity, it will allow you to keep everything you need for your outdoor activities such as hiking, beach, college, and travel.

The ball pocket is covered by a net and allocated differently from other things to prevent the dirt from coming in. Further, the multi-pocket will help you arrange your things based on every compartment.

It’s worth mentioning that the main D compartment allows you to place your 17 inches laptop. There’s also one side pocket for an added snack.

  • Organize your things very nearly
  • Smooth yet durable zipper
  • Velvet zipper pocket.
  • Ball mesh pocket
  • Not the best materials

Under Armour Sackpack


The Under Armour Sackpack is geared with two front pockets and a single adjustable cord. It’s an excellent budget way to bring your giant ball to the court. It is somewhat basic, but it has more than enough space to hold your essential stuff. You can also easily pick it up and go without any trouble.

Even though it’s surely on the basic side of things, the Sackpack has a shocking amount of durability. It’s highly well made and can be utilized for long periods without tearing or ripping.

The only concern we have is that it does not have any water bottle pockets. That only indicates you have to keep your bottle with your other things. There is no lining either, but those playing in nice weather don’t need to worry about such concerns.

  • Durable build and offers excellent sizing
  • The front pocket offers added organization
  • Single cord adjustment system
  • It does not have a water bottle pocket

POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack


The POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack is a lovely basketball backpack with enough storage in it, allowing you to bring all your things together without too much fuss. The bag is intended for basketball players, which means it has a ball compartment.

This bag offers different compartments for various items from mobile, ball, clothes, shoes, and other things. You will find their individual space there. Further, it is extremely lightweight, easy to carry without giving you stress on your back.

Hydrophobic polyester is utilized to offer this backpack a water-resistant texture. Thus, you can use it in any weather or season. Your wet things or clothes don’t need to mess up with your clean clothes. Overall, it’s a stylish basketball backpack you can consider.

  • Four color options
  • Lightweight
  • Massive space with different compartments
  • Has limited space for other compartments

Athletico National Soccer Bag for Backpack for Basketball


The Athletico National Soccer Bag is also perfect for basketball players who are getting tired of bringing their balls by hand. It has a massive ball compartment made from durable materials. You will find a separate vented compartment that is ideal for bringing your shoes, preventing the stink out.

When not in use, it’s big enough to store a second ball. What’s more, its middle storage area features a seven-pocket accessories organizer. Meanwhile, the back compartment is a padded laptop sleeve. How amazing is that?

  • Made with durable polyester and nylon fabric
  • Lightweight yet rugged
  • Can withstand rain, mud, and dirt.
  • Strap between the two shoulder straps
  • The shoe compartment is quite small

When Purchasing a Basketball Backpack, There Are a Few Factors to Consider.

Basketball backpacks are an important choice for young athletes. Choosing the right one is not always easy, you need to know what features to look out for to get the most out of your backpack, otherwise, it can become a bit of a waste of money. You will find many different types and styles when you start shopping, but the best basketball backpack is one that will provide ample space and can be adjusted to your size and weight. This is one of the most important things to look out for when you are shopping. A backpack that will not fit properly can be very annoying, especially during strenuous activities like basketball.

A good quality bag should also feature durable material so it lasts for years of use without any problems. It should also come with plenty of air ventilation, which makes it more comfortable to wear during the game.

Make sure you look at your options before you make a decision, but do not waste too much time thinking about it, if you act fast, you can find great deals that will help you save money. It’s all up to you how competitively priced the backpack is that suits your budget. Remember that it is better to save a little bit of money and get something cheaper than overspend and end up with something that costs more than you can afford.

Why Do You Need A Backpack

It might surprise you, but a lot of young athletes don’t take the time to buy a good-quality backpack for their gear. The decision to go without may seem logical because it doesn’t matter what you carry your gear in but think about it. You can use a backpack to ensure that you aren’t walking around everywhere with your hands full and heavy basketball equipment is hard enough to handle without carrying it on your shoulder all day long. Having a good-quality backpack makes everything easier and they last for years if the right materials are used.

Can a Basketball Fit in A Backpack?

Yes. A basketball can easily fit in a backpack. The average size of a basketball is 9 inches in diameter. You could fit half to one and a half basketballs in most backpacks depending on the size and type of backpack you have.

What Is a Basketball Backpack?

A basketball backpack is a backpack that includes a compartment for holding a basketball. Backpacks with this feature make it easy to carry the ball and other equipment or clothing while also keeping valuables such as cell phones, wallets, and keys safe from falling out of the bag.

What Is the Best Way to Carry a Basketball?

The best way to carry a basketball is with two hands. To pick up a ball, lift it from underneath using one hand or both hands and then cradle the ball in your arms and support its weight with your body. Never hold a basketball by its top-most rubber panel because it could slip and injure you. Instead, grasp underneath the bottom panel with your hand and carry it when not in use.

What Should I Look for When Shopping for A Basketball Bag?

The two most important features to look for when buying a bag are storage capacity and durability. If you are someone who likes to carry multiple balls, you want a bag with plenty of space to hold them. You also want your backpack to be able to handle being thrown in the backseat of a car or dropped on the floor after practice without getting damaged.

How Big of A Basketball Bag Do I Need?

Basketball bags typically come in one of three sizes: small, medium, and large. If you are looking for something to hold only your ball, look for a backpack with pocket or pouch storage like the Hyper Sports II Backpack. If you want something more versatile, go with a backpack like the Nike Limited Edition Stars Backpack that has a ball compartment, but is also large enough to store other items.

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Basketball Bags?

There are more similarities than differences in male and female basketball bags. Both typically have storage space for shoes, jerseys, shorts or pants, water bottles, and a basketball. Some bags with a ball compartment have a side opening, so both genders can access the ball with ease.

How Big Is a Nike Elite Bag?

The Nike Elite basketball bag is 21 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide, and 8.5 inches deep. The size of the bag can be deceiving though because it has a lot of storage room inside to hold multiple balls, shoes, uniforms, water bottles, keys, phones, snacks, or anything else you might need for practice or a game.

What Do Basketball Bags Look Like?

Most basketball bags look like a backpack with no straps to carry around your shoulders and upper body. They usually feature bold team colors and graphics as well as multiple pockets for carrying shoes, uniforms, or other items. The zippers used often have rubber grips that make it easier to zip the bag open and closed during games.

What Is the Difference Between a Ball Bag and A Basketball Backpack?

A ball bag is usually smaller than a backpack, making them easier to carry around at school or on your way home from practice. The Nike Hyper Sports II Backpack has several different compartments that make it great for carrying other items such as keys, wallets, cell phones, snack foods, gloves, and other personal items. The Nike Hyper Sports II Backpack is also great for holding up to four basketballs so you do not have to carry around multiple bags.

What Is the Ideal Size Gym Bag to Hold a Basketball?

Keep in mind that the size depends on the accessories you’re about to bring along with your basketball. However, it will help if you pick a medium size as they are hassle-free to use.

What Are the Things You Can Store in Your Basketball Backpack?

Normally, you can keep your shoes, clothes, laptop, water bottle, phones, and of course, your ball. These bags are designed to help you bring all your things without too much trouble.


There you have it! Are you ready to buy your basketball backpack? Choose a couple of these, and any backpack that provides the most satisfying answers will be a great buy. That used to be the case that only the top-notch brands provided top-quality products. However, the competition is stiffer these days.

You should be able to find a basketball backpack that you like with little to no effort. If you cannot, feel free to choose one of these eight basketball backpacks we reviewed for you. Happy shopping!

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