Best Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder

Backpacks are essential these days. Given the millennials’ and kids’ growing fondness of sports, especially soccer, basketball, and futsal, they are in dire need of the best soccer backpack with a ball holder to carry their stuff with ease.

As these sports require a lot of equipment and the common bags are not suitable to carry along, the backpacks, irrevocably, fill the void. But all backpacks do not live up to standards and one must surely have the best soccer backpack with a ball holder as a companion. If you are a fanatic, you cannot go on the field or for practice without your backpack.

Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Holders

Soccerware Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder Compartment


Fitting all of your equipment, this is the perfect backpack any enthusiast would want. Different storage spaces for snacks, balls, joggers, juice/water bottles, books, gloves, sports attire, and many other things are available in this backpack.

The ball holder is available as an external stretchy pocket. Even a bike helmet can fit in, causing no issues to the bag. As predictable, the size is adjustable, in other words, the backpack is elastic up to a certain limit and can help fit many things in.

This backpack comes with 3 external pockets, one for the ball and the other for keeping your refreshments and shoes. A zipper pocket at the top and two pockets for mobile phones, chargers, in-hand stuff, snacks, scotch tapes, etc. are easily accessible.

All of these pockets are ventilated, not contaminated, and free from microbes, making it one of the best basketball backpacks with a ball compartment.

It’s padded, with soft mesh, shoulder straps, and cushioned base and back giving it all the more reason to be the best soccer backpack with a ball holder. It helps you escape unwanted backache and sprains and keep you active and sporty.

Further to assure its consistency the bag is made of a dual-layer polymer that is heated and provides a certificate of the 30-day guarantee. If you find any issue with the product, feel free to take your cashback within a month.
It provides you with top-notch features including airy and open compartments. The ball pocket can be adjusted to any shape and size.

There are 2 pockets for water bottles. Dimensions are 17”×12″×6″. It has a mind-blowing capacity of 21 liters. It is available in a wide range of colors.

This bag is manufactured by people who are sportsmen themselves and know what is required in an ideal backpack, making it a must-buy bag, to keep all your things in one place without feeling the burden of it. Its compartmentalization helps to keep records and fit things accordingly.

  • Summing up, this bag is the most beneficial product on the internet if you are a soccer player or just a crazy fan of backpacks. Its pros include:
  • It is durable
  • It is adjustable
  • It carries not only soccer-equipment but all other stuff
  • It can be used for a trek and other trips
  • It is finely designed, making it stress-free
  • It is stretchable and can contain a place for everything
  • It is big as compared to other backpacks

Diadora Squadra Backpack


Small and spacious, what else would you want in a backpack that is easy to carry around and which does not take up much space. Casually, people misuse sports backpacks as children’s school bags when these things are designed for professional footballers or basketball players.

This bag has enough space for all sorts of equipment and is a big support to have. The front has a mesh pocket to keep your balls in, and it can keep volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, futsal balls, and many other big balls. It has inner compartments for all other stuff of yours.

It is durable and of high quality, as it uses a cloth that measures up to 420 deniers and is made up of nylon along with a polyvinyl chloride back. It has an internal mesh ball pocket. The front-top pocket is specialized for your wallet, mobile phones, chargers, or small notebooks, things readily used can easily be accessed by keeping them in this pocket.

The shoulder straps, back, and base are padded, which are automatically shaped, not dislocating or causing trouble proving that it is smartly and intelligently designed.

Given the apparent size and weight of this backpack which is 1 pound, it fits in a lot of things easily, making it one of the best soccer backpacks with ball holders. It is available with an external shoe pocket, to keep your sports shoes so that the internal stuff is free of odor and contamination. It is available in two colors, red and black with dimensions of 10″×15″×2″.

It is carefully and dedicatedly designed and manufactured using one of the prime mesh and is padded where it needs to be padded. It is a perfect pick for all age groups and can be considered the top basketball bag with a ball compartment. By carefully examining public opinions and the pros and cons of this product it is safe to say that it is a fruitful purchase.

  • It is so durable that it can carry a lot of weight and still be intact.
  • It is valuable and the price is not too high.
  • It is small and yet very spacious.
  • The ball pocket is vented that helps in exhausting bad odor out.
  • It can be used as a casual backpack also.
  • The ball is difficult to put in the pocket when the bag is stuffed with other things.
  • It is only available in selective countries.
  • The side pockets are standardized, cannot fit in large specimens.

DashSport Soccer Backpack – Basketball Backpack


Available in four different colors, black, blue, red, and yellow, this bag is the perfect gym and sports choice. It is ideal for young athletes and the size-weight aspect ratio is nonparallel.

Manufactured with a stretchy and durable cloth, this product is 18 inches tall, 12 inches in width, and 10 inches deep. A little big for the height, but this is compensated with the amount of weight it can handle. Like all supreme backpacks, it has a space for everything. Snacks, gym equipment, sports equipment, extra pair of shorts, sweatshirts, towels, refreshments, technological appliances, and balls, everything can fit in.
The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, taking comfort and ease to another level, with this characteristic, they can be carried along for a long distance.

It is constructed using a 420 denier nylon, which is elastic and strong, this strength is due to the polyvinyl chloride backs. As standardized, this bag fits in all sizes of volleyballs and basketballs, and size 5 footballs to the maximum. The side pockets are airy enough, keeping your socks, shoes, and shin guards ventilated and free of the disgusting smell. The base, back, and shoulder straps are padded to minimize stress and provide convenience. It has a holder for dual water bottles or juice cans that are fitting so they may not fall out.

The ball compartment is internal ensuring its safety. The bag is laced with an internal lining. Being water-resistant list it at the top of basketball backpacks with a ball compartment. The zippers are inter-stitched providing durability. It weighs 1.6 pounds. The point to note is that the ball pocket and side pockets are ventilated, keeping out all the bad smells.


A little big but worth it. This bag can provide you with the fun of everything, you can take it to your gym, practice, or even to school. Compatible with all age groups except children, this is an ideal product.

  • Spacious
  • Ventilated pockets
  • 10” inside space
  • Easy to carry around
  • Padded for safety and comfort
  • Standardized and validated for stress-free usage
  • The side zippers are cleverly designed to keep your phone or other items like a wallet in it
  • The pocket for snacks is present on the top lid, as to keep them from being mashed.
  • It is too big for children younger than the age of six or short-heighted adults.
  • It is delivered to selected countries.
  • The internal ball compartment makes it hard to manage stuff.

Soccer Backpack with Ball & Boot Compartments


In this era, what is better than a product which is not gendered biased. Colors are divided as shades of blue belong to boys traditionally and those of pink are usually categorized as female colors.

Black and white are the colors that are not discriminatory. And this backpack aces in this categorization. It is available in two of the most used and loved colors around the globe. Famous as the choice of backpacks for kids and adults it comes with several unique features. It is awesomely designed with a matchless and intimidating combination of black and white.

The ball compartment fits size 2, 3, and 4 soccer balls, lined with polyester and two zips, the bag pack is kept safe and free from the dirt that is usually on the ball. It is an external pocket that is not a mesh, nor airy. It contributes to its style.

In the main pocket, there is internal compartmentalization, an extra and separate pocket inside the main pocket is for your boots, socks, or dirty clothes, keeping them separate from other things. It is made using mesh material which permits ventilation, hence minimizing odor. This compartment is also protected with polyester.

There are holders for bottles and other things on each side of the bag, they are fitted and can be used for dual purposes. These can carry bottles as regular, but also umbrellas for rainy days and are so spacious, that you can keep four full-sized bottles in your bag in both the holders.

The feature that distinguishes it is the padding, which is tripled in this backpack. The soft pads, also mesh, on the sides and basal body of the bag are ideal for your back support making it very comfortable. The shoulders are completely padded to make it easy and stress-free even when carried on a single shoulder.

This bag has an installed hard plastic at the top of it to make it easy to carry from the top. This contributes to the lifespan of the bag and also gives your shoulder relaxation while you can pick the bag up from the top, making it sturdy enough.

It has five reflective stripes, which can aid visually in dark places enhancing the safety of the carrier. These are located on the sides and back of the bag pack and contribute to the overall design.


If you have not considered this bag for purchase, you are missing it big time. This is perfect for daily use and small balls.

  • Reflective stripes
  • Easy to carry, with triple padded straps and top plastic
  • Quality and durability guaranteed
  • The ball compartment does not fit size 5 soccer balls
  • The ball compartment is not ventilated
  • There are only two internal compartments

Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpack


Manufactured with 420 denier Nylon, this is a user-friendly backpack providing comfort and facilities of all sorts. It is substantial, provided the dimensions are 18″×17″×9″. The variety of colors it is available in helps it to be a competition for the best soccer backpacks with ball holders.

Sizeable and spacious – a perfect duo, that anyone wants in their ideal backpacks. It is available in varying patterns including Columbia/black, navy/black, royal/black, gold/black, orange/black, red/black, and maroon/black, forest/black, purple/black, altogether black, and pink/black.

It has all zipped compartments with an up-gradation of the main compartment with a media slot and earphones pass-through slots. It has a front pocket, internal, for balls that are vented and airy. The shoe pocket on one side and the accessory pocket on the other are also zipped providing extra safety and ventilation keeping away the smell of dirty shoes.

It has inbuilt jacket straps, and the shoulder straps are padded from the inside contributing to the comfortability factor of the product. Its pockets’ distribution makes it unique and desirable, also the rare color combinations add to its charm.

It is an upgrade to the Squadra I which resulted in a bestseller, the updates have not fixed anything in the previous as it was nearly flawless, but the addition of media ports has made it all the more powerful and undoubtedly the top-notch basketball bag with ball compartment. The roominess and material are not compromised during this update, maintaining its quality and sustainability.

It weighs around 2 pounds. Its elegant design and increased number of spacious pockets help to keep all your stuff in. There are no ball size limitations, you can keep all sorts of balls in the ball compartment.


An upgrade is always one step forward and this product proves it. With technological advancements, it has surpassed the typical backpacks in use and is the best product in the market to buy.

  • Main jacket
  • Zipped compartments
  • Media slots
  • Earphones passage
  • Vented external and ball compartments
  • Durable
  • It does not contain a water bottle pocket.
  • The internal ball compartment is baffling sometimes.

Athletico Youth Soccer Backpack for Basketball & Football


This national backpack is a must-have. It has wow compartmentalization, having an internal ventilated ball compartment, an external shoe compartment, and two water bottle compartments, one on each side. A padded laptop compartment ensures the safety of your laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. Also, its internal seven-part pocket is superb to keep all your school stationery and other stuff in one place.

It has a padded and ventilated back, with additional compression straps, providing support, support and balance. It is available in four colors, red, black, blue, and pink, making it suitable for all age groups. It is made with nylon and polyester of 600D, making it more durable than ever. It is sturdy enough to resist rain, dirt, mud, and all sort of environmental pollutants.

The warranty is the cream of the soup here. If you are not satisfied with the product, which is usually never the case, you can refund the bag with all of your money back, guaranteed. What else is needed to ensure its quality?


It is perfect for on and off-field experiences. Simply classic and flawless. Athletico has surely lived up to its name.

  • Comfortable padded straps
  • 7-pocket organizer in the main compartment
  • Vented ball pocket
  • Extra zipper pocket on the outside
  • External, vented cleat compartment
  • Metal zippers
  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective lines
  • Water bottle pockets, double mesh
  • It is lightweight and carries a lot of weight yet is quite easy to carry around, thanks to the wonderfully padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • The space inside the main compartment is tight
  • Shoes have to be put in first because of the design
  • The internal ball compartment does not help the matter.

ERANT Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder


This bag is specially designed for kids going to football practices or on trips. It is a fit-all bag, with several compartments and additional ball and shoe compartments externally. It comes with a special water-resistant place for your items like mobile phones. Also, the ball and cleat compartments are quite sizeable and can fit up to size 5 and size 12 respectively.

The polyester used to manufacture is high-density. Rip issues are minimized by using zippers. As usual, they are padded for ease and comfort and can also withstand rain or mud. It has two water bottle compartments, one on either side.


With the first experience and to have easy access, these backpacks seal the deal, are lightweight, and are easy to carry around.

  • Money-back guarantee; 30-day warranty
  • An all-purpose bag can be used for traveling and school
  • Large-sized ball and cleat compartments
  • Vented external pockets
  • If you are an enthusiast, and you want to fit a lot of stuff, this backpack may not be your choice, after the ball, shin guards, water bottle and cleats, there is not enough space left.

ESTARER Soccer Bag Backpack Fit Baseball


Surely, one of the best soccer backpacks with ball holders out on the market. This is a tri-color product, with combinations of black/white, navy/black/white, red/black/white, and royal/black/white, enhancing the appeal of the bag.

It is made with high-density polyester which assures its stability. Two corded zips are used for the main compartments. The elastic mesh pleated compartment on the front is for the ball, this pocket is not zipped. However, zipper side pockets, also meshed are available on both sides. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded.


With an inside zippered pocket, this is an ideal bag to keep for all sorts of agendas. Weighing a pound, can take up a lot of weight and still won’t be burdensome.

  • It can be customized
  • It has an internal hook for holding keys, made of plastic
  • The ball compartment can fit all sorts of the ball as it is elastic
  • The bottle compartments are vented and zipped
  • 100% of the fiber used is guaranteed
  • Quality product and durable
  • It is pretty big
  • It is not spacious enough
  • The cleat compartment is not available

POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack


For School, field, or trips, this backpack is the best to carry for girls of all ages. Style, quality, sustainability, and strength, it promises all. Available in aqua, pink, and black colors, this is all you need. One of the good reasons that it is considered an ideal basketball bag with a bill compartment, it has a vented ball compartment that can fit a standard-sized basketball easily.

It has a hook on the top for handling the bag instead of wearing it and is hard and strong. It has all external pockets with ventilation features, and additional paddings support the carrier and minimize back and shoulder aches. Four pockets, two on each side are spacious enough to keep all our readily used appliances close to you. The pockets are zippered.


The product withstands all standards of the best backpacks and is beneficial and effortless to carry around.

  • Reflective line on the front for safety measures
  • Ventilated pocket for the ball
  • Extra utility pocket on the front
  • Adjustable water bottle pockets
  • Spacious main pocket with distinctive compartments for books and gear
  • Hanging hook on top
  • No separate cleat compartment

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment


It has a stylish and slim look that adds to its appeal. Also, the mesh ball holder is protected with a holder. It offers 100% satisfaction, adjustable straps, and padded surfaces for relief. There is a different compartment for your laptop and other devices.

This basketball bag with a ball compartment ensures premium safety and security.
When a lot of things are kept in the main compartment, it gets harder to fit the basketball in the ball compartment, but with the holder, it has, relives the stress of the ball popping out of the compartment, unfortunately, and this feature contributes to this bag hitting the list of best basketball backpacks with ball compartment.


With nothing to lose, this backpack is the only thing any baller will ever need. Style and quality assured you can have the time of your life with this beautiful piece.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extra holder for mesh ball compartment
  • Quality assured
  • It is intelligently designed
  • 10% of the products’ proceeds go to charity
  • Not suitable for larger size footwear or balls.

The edge backpacks have over trivial bags

  • Firstly, many of the backpacks have compartments to keep all your things in a perfectly fine space.
  • Secondly, the typical bags or school backpacks do not have ball holders; many backpacks also lack these so ball holders must be kept in mind when looking for the choice backpack.

The trivial bags can be heavy as their weights are considerable, but these backpacks are comparatively lightweight.
In schools, trainers and coaches advise players to get football/basketball backpacks with ball compartments proving the essentiality of these.

Headliners of the Best Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder

Buying a backpack is not a difficult task if you are an expert player and know what would suit your stuff. But for beginners, there are certain things to be taken care of when looking for the backpack they need.

Wants versus Needs

When there is a comparison between glamour and comfort, price and quality, size and internal space, the latter is always to be preferred. If you have to pay more for better quality, there is nothing to be resistant to.

If a visually not-so-appealing backpack is comfortable, it is the one to opt for. These, along with several other attributes are to be checked to unearth the best soccer backpacks with ball holders.

Quality and Durability

Balls for field games are hefty and require a basketball bag with a ball compartment that is excellent in both its quality and durability. The measure of durability is highly dependent on the quality or stuff your backpack is made out of.

Nylon and polyester are super plastics or semi-aromatic polyamides and are heavy chains of these molecules. They are fairly elastic and can sustain exponential temperature changes.

The stitching of these backpacks also contributes to their quality assurance. They are double or inter-stitched, making them tougher and more reliable. Elasticity and compressibility are what provide these backpacks the upper hand over any random backpack.

Choice backpacks should be impervious to water

Water resistance is one of the highlights of the latest backpacks releasing the pressure of keeping their backpack safe from water. No extra care is needed as you can leave your backpack anywhere, anytime because these are not aquaphobic anymore.

Smart and elegant architecture

Accurate compartmentalization of small spaces is the master trick. Alike is the case of backpacks, stuffing your bags with equipment can make them heavy for you to carry around. To minimize this problem, the best soccer backpacks with ball holders are vigorously and keenly designed for your contentment.

The ideal backpacks must have separate spots for extra stuff like school equipment, clothes, and even small umbrellas. Also, the shoes and equipment like mobile phones, chargers, laptops, and earphones are adjusted beautifully in the best soccer backpacks with ball holders.

Assurance certificate

You may encounter many basketball backpacks with ball compartments in the marketplace but you should go for the one that has a warranty or certificate of validation. It indicates that the manufacturers have faith in their production and the basketball bag with a ball compartment is surely durable and valuable.

Ball holders

Every backpack comes with a unique feature and the ball holders are vividly one of the best characteristics introduced to the backpacks. The stretchable material is used specifically for the ball holders. These are extra pockets that are made according to the soccer or basketball’s size and fit impeccably.

The ball holders are usually external leaving space inside the bag for other things. Besides these holders help in equal distribution of weight, not making the bag too heavy or difficult to carry. The basketball backpacks with ball compartments can be used as both schoolbags and backpacks for sports practices, as their ball compartments are outside of the bag. The internal compartments must be tight to fit the ball and minimize the smell.

Refreshments’ keeper

Along with the ball compartment, the holder for refreshments has made it easy and stress-free to carry, updated backpacks.


Many backpacks are spoiled after washing and can only be dry cleaned. But the best backpacks are those which can be washed regularly.

The ideal backpack

They must include padded backs, which touch the carriers’ backs. Also, the shoulder straps must be padded to provide comfort and ease to the carrier. Having equally distributed weight, average size, and ample space is the indication of the best backpack.

Keeping all of these parameters in view, here are some of the best soccer backpacks with ball holders so you and many others can choose the perfect one.

The top ten best soccer backpacks with ball holders have been abstracted for your ease, so you can choose the backpack you need and enjoy it with all the comfort in the world. Where ever you go, these backpacks are your perfect companions.

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