How Long is a Basketball Game?

How Long is a Basketball Game?

You might be wondering how long is a basketball game. Well, here are all the answers that you might be looking for.

There is a difference in the time needed to execute basketball, matches. Various levels of basketball result in the difference in the time used. The time is unusual for college, high school, NBA, and even for expert players.

Moreover, all the levels practice the overtime session in case there is a draw after a match.

So, join me here as I take you through the various durations taken at various levels.

How long is a college basketball game?

Higher learning institutions also play basketball.

Unlike the four quarters practiced in other regular matches, college sports take two 20-minute halves.

How long is halftime in a college basketball game

The half-time session takes 15 minutes like the others. The overtime session lasts for five minutes.

Televised school sports last for around 2 hours, 10 minutes.

Length of an NCAA basketball game   

National Collegiate Athletic Association is the foundation of university basketball. This game is supposed to be too long.

Many timeouts consume almost half an hour of the match.

In case the ball knocks one of the basket rims, or it alters the team in ownership of the ball, shot clocks appear. The shot must be fired. This time varies.

As per the laws, the ball timer takes 35 or 30 seconds for men and women, respectively.

How long is college basketball halftime

An NBA match takes 48 minutes.

This match is usually split into four sections lasting 12 minutes individually. If there happens to be a draw amongst the sides playing, then this time is forced to rise.

In basketball, a draw begins to overtime where the match is performed several until a champion is decided. The overtime lasts for 5 minutes.

Additionally, fouls, half-time, timeouts, and ball out-of-bound consequences to several directions that this time remains longer than it should. Half-time takes 15 minutes.

There are 5 minutes of overtime. A usual game takes 2-2.5 hours.

Shot clocks- 24 seconds.

How many periods in basketball

Basketball is an individual of the most generally performed games in high schools. The game lasts for 32 minutes.

High school matches take an hour and a half. It is the total time including the fouls, breathers, and timer stoppages that may appear.

How many periods in college basketball

Just similar to the NBA, high schools practice four portions, although these parts are shorter. Each portion lasts for 8 minutes. There is a half-time of ten minutes between the second and the third parts.

High school overtime session is four minutes for example if there is a draw among the teams.

How long is a quarter in the NBA?

Basketball is executed in stages. They are introduced to as quarters. On the converse, there is a different time for the sections depending on which level the match is performed. Furthermore, various sports associations have different times for their matches. Therefore, the match will depend on the tournament level.

Nevertheless, the right time for any part is 12 minutes, according to the NBA.

International Basketball Federation (FIBA), on the other side, has a 10 minutes section for its plays.

NCAA is split into two halves, all taking 20 minutes. Additionally, high school play takes 8 minutes per quarter.

How many quarters in a college basketball game?

A professional basketball match depends on the organization managing the competition. An NBA match lasts for 48 minutes, whereas FIBA matches take 40 minutes.

The total time needed to pay for any specialized game is over 2 hours 15 minutes. The time includes the time interruptions like fouls, timeouts, and breaks.

NBA matches have several timeouts, unlike the FIBA and Olympic sports. There are four mandatory timeouts in NBA matches. How Long is a Basketball Game?

Additionally, basketball finals get longer than regular matches—about 3 hours.


To end up, you find that basketball has very unusual levels with various timings. It, accordingly, needs a lot of professionalism to understand how hard every match lasts.

Again, a basketball match can never end with a draw. There must be a champion. For you to acknowledge these periods, you must be useful in the match. 

It is, accordingly, your selection to take a peek and see which one of them is deserving your time if you want to attend.

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