How to Pack a Backpack for Air Travel?

Traveling in the air is an experienced lot more different from that on land. You stay disconnected from the rest of the world for the time being you are on the plane. You have to decide whether you want to take a rest during the whole duration or enjoy whatever you want to.

With traveling comes the responsibility of packing. While some think packing is the most challenging task to perform for others, they are professional in it. In our opinion, it is not that difficult as we think. If you brace yourself for it, with every single step taken with prior thinking, you will be able to act like a pro quickly.

While considering how to pack a backpack for travel, you need to list down;

  • The place you are traveling to.
  • The purpose of your traveling.

With these two points, it will be easy for you to pack your backpack for traveling. Now if you are moving to a new country, you will look at the country’s features whether it has mountains or plains, the type of weather it has, and the food customs. After going through these features, you can easily decide what to place in your backpack for traveling.

Obviously for traveling you need to keep two pairs of shoes, a few pairs of clothing, some toiletries as discussed above, and a few necessary documents. The type of clothing depends on the weather of the host country.

The second point to remember is the purpose of the visit. If you are a traveler and like to roam different countries, your backpack will contain items helpful during travel. If you are going for a business meeting or any other conference, your bag will include meeting files and other accessories.

You need to consider a few points on how to pack a backpack for air travel before you go traveling. Some of these points are;

Select the right size and design of a backpack

While most of the backpack comes with shoulder strap, there are backpacks with a wheel. So you don’t need to carry a lot of weight on your back. Most of the companies have specially designed backpacks for female and male travelers according to their comfort level.

The straps of the bags should be comfortable with an ergonomic design. The backpacks for traveling contain more pockets as compared to a standard backpack. You can easily place your bottles and other accessories in these pockets.

Another trick is that keep the size of the backpack smaller. If the backpack is large, you will go on adding more and more items to it. With a small size bag, you will urge yourself to reduce the stuff to a minimum.

What to pack in the backpack for air travel?

Well, you don’t need to open your cupboard and put all items in one small bag. Place all your accessories in front of you. Then select which is necessary to keep with you while traveling. This helps you to remove all unwanted stuff from your list. And you won’t be overloading your backpack. While you can keep the backpack with you in the airplane some of the necessary materials to keep are essential documents, snacks, toiletries, comforters, few clothes (one or two suits), and electronics items. You are now coming towards why you should keep all these essential items?

Documents to place in your backpack for air travel:

As documents are a vital part of traveling and you need them from checking in to the airport and then checking out. So, you need to keep them in your backpack for air travel. These items must be placed in an easily accessible place in your backpack. The best site is the outer pocket in the backpack. You must put these items;

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Important files (if going for a business meeting)
  • Copies of your documents (in case you need them).
  • Boarding pass
  • Snacks:

While most of the airlines offer the best food to their customers but if you still feel the need for keeping snacks during traveling do go for them. Moreover, you can keep chocolates, chips, and sweets in your backpack for air travel in case you don’t want to buy expensive eatables from the airport shop.

You can also keep dry nuts with you.


When you have to pack a backpack for air travel, keep in mind that you might need some comfortable items to place behind your back. You can carry a comforter or roll out your clothing and use them as a comforter.

You can take a pillow with you to avoid unnecessary neck problems. Do bear with your blind shade and earplugs if you are on a long airplane journey to get a comfortable sleep. Talking about the pillow, we know they occupy a considerable space in the backpack. So an inflatable pillow is the best choice option left.


While most of your clothing will be in your suitcase, but you need to keep at least one or two pairs of T-shirts and trousers with you in case you spill some food on your dress so you can change while getting off the plane.


Well, most airlines provide toilet accessories like deodorant and moisturizers. But the best thing is you should carry your toiletries. You need to take care while carrying liquid, as airlines don’t allow passengers to carry liquid over a defined range. The liquid carrying range for air travel is a 3-ounce liquid contained in 1 quarter size plastic zip lock bag, which is transparent. If you have a problem with constant sweating, you can keep a small towel with you.

The essential toiletries items to keep with you are your toothbrush, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and lip balm. The better option is to stay solid bars of soap and sanitizers to avoid the liquid spill. Always keep the liquid solution in mouth-sealed transparent plastic bags.

How to pack your backpack for travel with electronic devices?

In this era of the global village, you need to stay connected with others through your mobile phone. Although you cannot use mobile on the plane for calling and web browsing but still you can listen to music or go through other documents. So it is better to keep your charger and power bank in a backpack for air travel. When you board the plane, you can easily access the charge and use your device.

In case your mobile is low on charge you can use your power bank to charge the cell phone and use it. You can bring a USB adapter along with you. Backpacks have a separate back soft portion for keeping the laptop. If you want to carry your laptop with you, the best way is to place it in the back part of the backpack.

Keep a few CDs and iPods in your backpack if you love to enjoy music while traveling. There is no restriction on bringing electronic items on the plane. If you are interested in book reading no need to worry, you can also carry your favorite books with you.

How to pack a backpack for air travel?

As you have shortlisted the items to carry with you, now its time to pack them in the right order. First of all, place your suits or T-shirts and trousers at the bottom. It will provide support for putting them in a backpack. Most backpacks have separate compartments to place different items. If you have one such pack, it is an added advantage.

You can place the objects in differently colored packs to differentiate and recognize the stuff in them. As you are traveling, you need to keep a pair of shoes with you in a backpack. Keep the shoes in a separate pack to avoid the contact of other items with dust and dirt.

The central portion of the backpack is mostly for placing clothes. While the rest of the pockets or separation goes to other accessories. The best way to fit all the clothes in one compartment is to roll them and place them. You can easily pick up rolled clothes as compared to fold-up clothes. The different colores packing for accessories help you to separately keep your objects and differentiate them easily from one another.

The front portion of the backpack contains most of the compartments. You can use these portions for placing your toiletries, snacks, and other accessories. You can easily access them when you want to use them.

Reduce the weight of the backpack for travel

We will never suggest you overburden yourself and spoil your experience of traveling with a heavy load over you.  While you can carry as much as 30kg weight in your backpack, but it is not necessary. Reducing the weight will be beneficial for you in case you have to wait for the flight or during traveling. So try to keep as few substances in your bag as possible.

Pack all the essential items on your list in your bag and walk a few miles. If you don’t feel the backpack to be overburdened, it is perfect for carrying along.

With some of these tips, you can easily pack your backpack for traveling. Grab your tickets and pack your bag for air travel just like a pro. That’s how to pack a backpack for air travel.

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