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Are you looking for the best backpack for kayaking? If so, then this article is for you. We have researched the online world to give you the best 8 backpacks for kayaking. The most horrible feeling after your kayaking adventure is to see that your stuff is wet. Having a high-quality backpack makes sure that your belongings keep dry if you want them most. There are some backpacks for kayaking that comes with cushioned sleeves for tablets or laptops. Picking the best one doesn’t need to be hard. So keep on reading to know the best backpacks for kayaking available.

Sak Gear 35L BackSak Waterproof Backpack


This is one of the best backpacks available for kayaking. It is made of 500D material with hard welded seams made to be very watertight. This assists in making this backpack weatherproof for almost any outdoor activity.

The cushioned back support assists in carrying the back easier. It has a thick padded shoulder harness that you can adjust for extra comfort. The sternum clips help in keeping it closer to you- thus adding stability as well as helping in keeping the weight on your core.

The 35L capacity makes it a perfect choice for shorter kayaking. It has two divided zippered pockets and a single exterior pocket for storing valuables like IDs and keys. It has D rings used to clip water bottles.

  • Big main compartment
  • Return policy
  • Reflective patches that improved visibility and comfort
  • High waterproof security
  • Bulky

Earth Pak 35L/55L Waterproof Backpack


This bag is made for water activities like boating and kayaking. This is made to survive extreme conditions. 

Available in two diverse sizes, you can get one that suits your requirements and needs.  This backpack comes with 500D PVC construction and is 100 percent waterproof. It has a waterproof phone case that is fully submersible, which allows your staff to keep it safe and dry. 

It features ergonomic design cushioned back panels that offer superb support and comfort to your backpack. The reinforced mesh padded straps assists your bag to keep breathable while minimizing the possibility of chafing. There is a sternum buckle that assists in giving extra support by evenly dealing out the weight to the body.

This is available in two different sizes 35L and 55L. If you need a waterproof kayaking bag, we highly recommend the 35L. If you plan to go longer, we advise you to opt for 55L. 

  • Huge compartment
  • Comfortable cushioned back support
  • It comes with a waterproof cellphone case. 
  • Expensive 

MARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Backpack


If you want a backpack for kayaking that excels in sturdiness, this one is the best choice. Made to last a lifetime, this backpack for kayaking is ripped, tear as well as puncture-proof. The exterior of this bag is waterproof, and cleaning is a breeze. The durable exterior enables you to carry your stuff with ease. 

This bag was made using rip-stop tarpaulin fabric with tough welded seams that offer the toughest defense for gears. So, your stuff is safe regardless of the conditions. This waterproof backpack is user-friendly with an easy roll-up closure system. Just roll tightly three to five times. It is available in 5L ad 10L sizes, and each one features a one-detachable shoulder band that you can attach to the bag. There is also a 20L and 30L bag with two shoulder straps. On the other hand, the 40L features two non-detachable bands.

  • User friendly
  • Floating design
  • Many customizable choices
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • The straps of the 40L are not detachable

FE Active 30L Eco-Friendly Cloudbreak Waterproof Backpack


This backpack for kayaking was made by FE Active, a trusted firm renowned for making the superior bags ideal for various kinds of uses. The 100% waterproof design enables this to be the best choice for any condition. 

This is made with the use of military-grade 5mm PVC tarpaulin and is made to survive rugged outside activities. It comes with high-frequency welded edging that makes this an amazing backpack that can survive naturally in changing climates. 

The cushioned shoulder straps assist in adding a console to the shoulders. With the use of mesh lining knowledge, the cushioned bands are breathable, reducing the chafing as well as uneasiness during hot seasons. The integrated cushioned back support enables you to wear this comfortably all through the day. It also comes with chest straps for additional safety. 

  • Made of eco-friendly components
  • Military type waterproof design
  • Mesh cushioned shoulder straps
  • Expensive

Chaos Ready Heavy Duty Waterproof Backpack


This is one of the best backpacks for kayaking available today. Made by Chaos Ready, the company offers a money-back warranty if you are not satisfied with this product. This bag is made of durable, long-lasting 500 PVC tarpaulins along with high-frequency welded seams that allow this product to be 100% waterproof. Adventurers will surely love its durability. The Chaos Ready Heavy Duty Waterproof Backpack is sand, dust, water as well as dirt proof.

This is flexible that will let it conform to the form of your back with ease. This backpack is ideal for light hiking and kayaking with cushioned shoulder straps when not weighed down. The 22L main compartment makes this bag a perfect overnight pack or day bag. It is available in a non-bulky design that effortlessly brings your gear with you without adding bulk.

In general, this backpack is perfect for water activities like kayaking as well as paddle boarding. The shoulder straps assist in transforming it into a very comfortable hiking pack where you can have extra water bottles and small gear.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior padded shoulder straps
  • High waterproof protection
  • Just one color is available

IDRYBAG Waterproof Backpack Floating Dry Bag


If you are searching for a high-quality backpack for kayaking without spending a lot, then this one is for you. It comes with welded seams that make sure it is 100% waterproof. It makes use of a superior rip-stop tarpaulin material, which has been made to end water jets and float in rapids thought of complete capacity. You can also utilize this as a floating device if you get yourself in a risky water crossing condition. The straps have been made to be breathable while keeping waterproof. This also comes with breathable pads where it rests on the back. This makes it extremely comfortable, even if you are carrying bulky items. This bag is just available in a 30L option. This backpack has many additional pockets. It comes with two mesh pockets for water bottles well as thermoses. This is just available in one color. It will make sure you are visible on the trail while looking stylish and sleek.  

In general, this backpack for kayaking is assured to be ideal for you. It is available with a one-month warranty as well as a lifetime warranty. The company has a superb bag as well as backs it up with a superb warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • It also comes with a waterproof phone case or pouch
  • Sixty days satisfaction guarantee
  • Only two sizes are available
  • Only two colors are available

Skog Å Kust BackSåk Waterproof Floating Backpack


This is one of the best backpacks available today. Aside from being 100 percent waterproof, this bag is also sand, dust as well as dirtproof. Regardless of the conditions you bring this bag in, the gear you put inside will stay dry and clean. It comes in welded construction as well as two-way roll-up sealing technology. 

It has comfortable shoulder straps and features a cushioned design with an outer mesh material that enables it to breathe. It has a sweatproof and waterproof design made into the straps. It has a 25L capacity and is big enough to keep valuables safe and sound. It is not the biggest one but is ideal to use for weekend kayaking. 

  • One year warranty
  • Extra pockets
  • Ideal for protecting the gears safe from the water
  • Only one color is available

The Friendly Swede 35L Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack


This is one of the best backpacks for kayaking available on the market. It makes use of 500D Polyvinyl tarpaulin to keep gears dry. It is also made of tough or durable materials. It has comfortable, easy-to-adjust shoulder, chest, and waist straps. You can adjust the height of this bag as well. This will ensure you’re not top-heavy and provide better stability. 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very lightweight 
  • Lots of compartment
  • None

How to Attach a Backpack to a Kayak

How do you attach a backpack to an Inflatable Kayak? Big, fast current waves and winds can grab hold of your backpack and carry it off very fast. Unsecured backpacks can be miles downriver before you have an opportunity to start looking for them.

On a short trip across protected and calm water, secure your bag by any of these approaches:

  • Running backpack straps around the kayak thwarts
  • Trying a short load line from every pack to the thwarts

This will keep your bag connected to the kayak, so it is easier to gather should your kayak go over.

For Challenging Journeys

For kayaking that involves rapids and rough water, ensure that the pack says securely in place in the kayak. 

Properly securing your pack provides added buoyancy. This flotation means a huge difference between a sunk pinned kayak and one that is instantly righted as well as paddled to security. 

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