Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 30$

Mechanical Keyboards are the best when it comes to the typing experience. They give you good feedback with high stability and sound when clicked on. They also have a much longer lifespan than the normal scissor-designed keyboard or butterfly keyboard.

If you own a PC or laptop and are looking to buy an external keyboard, then you should definitely go with the mechanical keyboard. There are a lot of excellent mechanical keyboards present in the market but finding a good mechanical keyboard on a limited budget is a bit difficult.

In this post, let us see the best mechanical keyboard you can buy in the market that is under 30 bucks.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for under 30 dollars

E-YOOSO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys Keyboard Gaming


This Full Sized Mechanical keyboard from PICTEK features classic blue switches with 4.0mm key travel. It also has 60g actuation force, so you get high accuracy, quicker response, good feedback, and sound with this gaming keyboard. It is a gaming keyboard so it features immersive RGB lighting effects with 9 adjustable light modes.

Ergonomically designed, the PICTEK cheap mechanical keyboard can be folded at a 30-degree angle to give you a comfortable typing experience. Made with double-shot detachable keycaps, this mechanical keyboard is built to last. It offers you a long time without any problem as the keys are ultra-durable.


  • The keys present in this keyboard are tested over 10 million times of keystroke without any failure. You get a durable product with this buy.
  • It gives you great comfort while typing as it is ergonomically designed.

BlueFinger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The BlueFinger wired USB gaming keyboard is one of the best devices you can get for a cheap price. Made of high-quality ABS, this keyboard is made to last. This keyboard has a backlit built-in, so you get cool lighting effects with 3 LED colors with this device. The Function keys present at the top give you additional access to different functionalities, so you get good flexibility with this one.

Compatible with different operating systems, this device is the one to get if you want a good budget mechanical keyboard at a low cost. With a 6-month return policy and 24/7 customer service, you can buy this keyboard without any worries.


  • This keyboard is ergonomically designed with a palm rest surface, so you get a comfortable typing experience with this device.
  • The adjustable rear feet and non-slip rubber pad present at the bottom will give you flexibility and a strong grip while you type.

Velocifire TKL02 Mechanical Keyboard


If you are a writer or a gamer and want a mechanical keyboard for a low price, then you cannot go wrong with this model from Velocifire. The durable brown switch present in this keyboard will give you low noise with tactile feedback for every click you press on it. It doesn’t have a separate number pad as it is integrated into the normal keys. This integrated Numpad feature makes this keyboard much compact and easy to carry.

Compatible with all the major operating systems, you can buy this budget mechanical keyboard to get an accurate and excellent typing experience for an affordable price.


  • There are tilting feet and a non-slip grip button present at the bottom of this keyboard.
  • This ergonomic keyboard comes in two different colors(black & white), so you can choose the one that you prefer.

NPET K20 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The NPET K20 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a compact device, made from blue switches. It provides good sound with minimal resistance when you click. The keys also have good key travel to give you a better typing experience. The metal and ABS construction of this keyboard give it high durability. This RGB mechanical keyboard has 26 different light modes, so you get an immersive gaming experience.

This mechanical gaming keyboard from VictSting is one of the best devices to buy in the market as it gives you a good number of features for a decent price.


  • There are several grooves present at the back of this keyboard to store the spare key and keycap puller.
  • The cool RGB lighting effect suits well with your gaming PC and will give you an immersive gaming experience.

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard


The MageGee mechanical keyboard is a tough device that is made from metal and ABS. It gives you long life as it has a good build quality with custom mechanical switches. The 87 keys are designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. The Keys have a minimum resistance with an audible click sound and tactile feedback when pressed. The Red LED backlit gives the keyboard a cool look during your gaming session. Overall, this mechanical keyboard from MageGee is one of the best, affordable option for your PC or laptop.


  • The double-shot injection molded keycaps present in this keyboard gives you a crystal clear backlighting.
  • The mechanical switches are custom designed and it has a long life with good responsiveness.

TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, E-YOOSO Wired Mechanical Keyboard


The Redthunder mechanical keyboard has blue switches with a reinforced joint to make it stable and durable. The keycaps will give you medium resistance, audible click sound with precise tactile feedback for a good typing experience. The individual RGB backlit keyboard will make your gaming experience more immersive with its cool lighting effects. Compatible with all the popular operating systems, the Redthunder mechanical keyboard is one of the best affordable devices in the market.


  • This keyboard comes with a removable hand-rest to give you a comfortable typing experience.
  • Without the number pad, this keyboard is compact and portable.

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard


The NPET K10 is a professional keyboard that comes at an affordable price. With UV-coated keycaps and injection laser carving, the letter of the keycap will never fade. The metal and ABS build of this keyboard will give it a long life. The adjustable mixed backlight present in this keyboard will give it a cool look with its 4 LED lighting backlight. This keyboard is also water-resistant with an anti-interference magnet right and braided USB cable to give it a long life. This keyboard from NPET is one of the best to get for an affordable price.


  • This keyboard automatically enters into sleep mode if it’s not operated for more than 10 minutes to save the battery.
  • You can adjust the height and angle of this keyboard to get a comfortable typing experience.

Buying Guide for Mechanical Keyboard

Several factors to look for when buying a mechanical keyboard are,

Form factor

The mechanical keyboard comes in either a full-sized design with a number pad or a tenkeyless (TKL) design without a number pad. If you need a separate number pad for entering numeric data then you should go with the full-sized one. If you are a gamer or editor, then tenkeyless keyboards will work fine for you. It also saves space as it doesn’t have a separate number pad.


Mechanical keyboards have individual switches and they fall into three different categories. A liner switch keyboard doesn’t have any tactile or audible feedback when clicked. A click switch keyboard comes with tactile feedback and audible sound when clicked. A tactile switch keyboard will only give you tactile feedback. Based on your preference, you can choose the keyboard from three different types of switches.

RGB and Backlight

RGB is not a must-have factor but if you have a gaming PC, then you should definitely buy a mechanical keyboard with RGB to go with it. If you are not a gamer, then a keyboard with normal backlighting will be enough for you. But it is important to get a keyboard with any backlighting as it will help you type better in the dark.


Buying a good mechanical keyboard for under 30 dollars is difficult as there are a lot of devices present in the market. The above listed are some of the best devices under thirty that you can choose for your PC or laptop to have a good typing experience.

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