Best Hiking Backpack Under $100

The first thing that you need for your hiking journey is a hiking backpack. You will have to carry a lot of necessary items like a sleeping bag, tent, flashlights, clothes, shoes, and other essentials. So a hiking backpack has to be selected carefully. Also, you will be carrying the hiking backpack for a long time like a day or more. So, you want the best hiking backpack that is comfortable and easy to carry. 

However, just because you want quality gear, it does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on a hiking backpack. You can get top quality and the best hiking backpack for under $100.

I have listed below some of the best hiking backpacks under $100 according to the preferences of different people. These backpacks are from some of the best companies around the world. So, scroll below to see which hiking backpack suits you.  

Best Hiking Backpack Under $100

So here we go. These are the Top 8 Best Hiking Backpacks Under $100:



It is a top-selling backpack on Amazon. There are three variants of this backpack, one in hunter green color other in grey and blue colors. The Teton Sports Explorer Backpack is fit for people with heights between 5’1 to 6’4.

Though the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack is bigger as compared to the rest of the bags in this article, it is still a convenient backpack and comfortable enough to bring around. This is a 65 liters backpack that is made with high-quality polyester. 

This backpack has an impressive capacity. You can fit in almost everything. There is also a specialized compartment for your sleeping bag. I could surely fit a sleeping pad, tent for camping, clothes, and other hiking and camping equipment in this backpack.

There are adjustable straps on this backpack to adjust it according to the height of the person carrying it. 

There are plenty of outer and inner pockets. So, you could easily put water bottles or flashlights in it. Simply, it could be your best partner for long hikes. 

TETON SPORTS EXPLORER is the Best Hiking Backpack under 100 $ that is appropriate for two people, because of its adjustable straps.

It has a limit of 65L and has numerous compartments. These incorporate a primary compartment, a different camping bed compartment, climate-protected side pockets, and both inner and outer compartments for the capacity of littler things.

  • Well-constructed
  • Very Long-lasting
  • Quality is Amazing
  • Plenty of Capacity
  • Easy to Carry
  • Separate Partition for Sleeping Bag
  • A lot of supplementary straps and pouches, extraordinary for a recreational explorer.
  • There are some strange noises when carrying this backpack.
  • There could be more variants of this top seller with more colors.

Final decision:

If you frequently go hiking as if you are a professional hiker, then this backpack could be the best choice for you. I will give thumbs up to this hiking backpack for its adjustable nature and durability.

60L Waterproof Lightweight Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover


Here comes the best budget hiking backpack for under 50$. If you are not a frequent hiker, then this is one of the best hiking backpacks for you. The Outlander 33L Lightweight Hiking Backpack is very lightweight. In the case of day hikes where you do not need sleeping bags or tents, it could be your best choice. The weight of this backpack is only 0.5 pounds. 

There is one big partition in this backpack and two side pockets of mesh. There are also two zipper pockets at the front to carry small hiking gears and bandages.  There is another zipper pocket on the inner side of this backpack.

Did you guys ever notice that if some backpacks are stuffed a little too much in them, then it becomes tough to close the zippers? 

However, with the Outlander 33L hiking Backpack, even if the backpack is a little over-stuffed, the zippers can be closed or opened easily. The zippers on this backpack are 2-way scratched territory-safe SBS metal zippers, and these are both solid and easy to use.

60L Waterproof Lightweight Hiking Backpack is the best hiking backpack for you if you do not want to wear a bigger or heavier backpack. The side pockets are spacious enough that you could easily put your umbrella or water bottle in them. Another thing that you must do is that it is a water-resistant backpack. 

So put your raincoat on carrying this backpack and start your adventures on beautiful rainy days. 

  • Lightweight
  • Bunches of compartments
  • Strong
  • Minimized
  • Water-safe
  • The backpack looks relatively little. However, you can fit in a lot of things. The bag grows, and you can, without much of a stretch, include every one of your fundamentals for a two or a three-day trip.
  • Feeble material
  • Powerless side pockets
  • A few clients complained about poor sewing. 

Final decision:

This is the best budget hiking backpack if you are just an occasional day explorer and don’t have to carry loads of additional gear. This lightweight hiking backpack is incredible for coincidental day hiking, voyagers.



HIKPRO hiking daypack is a handy lightweight backpack. It is best for going out on day tours, going on vacations, hiking, shopping even school. Also, if you are planning some outdoor camping activities, then it is the right choice. HIKPRO is a 20L backpack. It is a very durable, lightweight backpack. It is also water-resistant, and it can be used as a travel hiking daypack by both men & women.

For some people, Hikpro could be the best backpack for hiking for under $100. 

It has very lightweight stuff that weighs 8 ounces and a sizeable main partition that fits stuff up to a size of 25L.

It can be folded down easily. You can fold it into a small sandwich size and put it into your travel suitcase or vehicle. When you unfold this backpack, it can fit all your essentials in it. 

HIKPRO hiking daypack is very durable and has amazing features. It is made of high-quality tears and water-resistant nylon. The zippers are made of abrasion-resistant material. HIKPRO has been in the market for a very long time so you can trust Hikpro. Moreover, HIKPRO gives you an official five years warranty. 

This hiking backpack has four main compartments with zippers. Let me explain how could you arrange your stuff in these four compartments:

  • The pocket on the outer side is big enough that you can fit your iPad or manuals in it. 
  • There is also a smaller sack on the outer side to keep flashlights or tools that can be used frequently or photographic equipment like a camera etc. 
  • The mesh pouches on both sides of the backpack will help you to keep a water bottle and umbrella in them. 
  • You can put your clothes and other essentials into the main zipper. There is another pocket inside the main zipper, and you may want to put your valuable things in it, like money and credit cards, etc. 

It has soft mesh shoulder straps which allow you to carry the backpack for even long periods. The shoulder straps are movable, so, you can easily adjust this backpack according to your comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious primary compartment
  • HIKPRO comes with a five years warranty.
  • It has comfortable and adjustable mesh shoulder straps that support airflow.
  • It has a smooth two-way zipper that has non-corrosive qualities.
  • You can easily return this backpack in 30 days with a full refund.
  • It’s an All in One Backpack, can be used for many purposes.
  • HIKPRO is made of nylon that does not permit water in, nor does it tear effectively.
  • When not being used, it tends to be easily collapsed into a little pack, helpful to be carried.
  • Strength-less material
  • Needs structure
  • No cushioning
  • Objections of the shoulder straps damage after slight use
  • Inside covering shreds effectively

Final decision:

These ultra-light hiking backpacks are incredible for short-day hiking, voyagers, and individuals who are getting a charge out of open-air exercises on vacation. I can recommend this lightweight hiking backpack as it keeps your stuff organized, and it can be used for your daily trips and activities.

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack


Hiking is an outdoor activity, so, a hiking backpack must be durable and strong. This backpack from Venture Pal is made up of heavy-duty nylon. It is also water-resistant so, you won’t have to worry about unpredicted rains and water bodies from which you would pass on your walk to hiking.

For hiking, I must recommend everyone to use a lightweight backpack so you won’t be tired soon. This backpack is super lightweight, and it weighs around 0.7lbs. Backpacks with heavyweight are hard to carry. 

This fantastic backpack has a double-layered bottom which makes it very strong. You can put anything heavy in your backpack. This backpack has SBS zippers made of metal.

Zippers are essential things to look for before buying a backpack. Since you are buying your backpack for an outdoor purpose like hiking the zippers, have to be smooth and durable. In the case of the Venture Pal Backpack, you do not have to worry about zippers. 

Let’s talk about the comfort of this hiking backpack. It has a sponge and breathable mesh on the back and shoulder straps. These paddings support good airflow, so it is very comfortable to carry this backpack. These straps are adjustable.

You can easily adjust them according to your comfort and height. There is also a chest strap that restricts the backpack to move and helps it to be in place. 

Venture Pal Lightweight backpack has a 35L capacity, which is more than enough for your short hikes or outdoor activities. There is additionally a large zippered external pocket, and two elasticized side pockets.

This backpack can easily be folded and kept in your suitcase or car. So it is easy to take it anywhere.

This is the best hiking backpack for those under 50$.

  • Folds into an internal pocket
  • Lightweight and smaller
  • Extraordinary shoulder straps
  • 35L spacious capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • It is not too heavy, nor too little
  • Easy to carry
  • A double-layered bottom
  • Durable SBS metal zippers
  • Breathable mesh shoulders straps
  • Meshed back for excellent airflow and continued comfort
  • Various compartments to keep everything organized
  • Small and easily collapses into a zippered
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and exchange policies.
  • Poor inside covering
  • Temperamental structure
  • If you will be hiking for longer days and would require a bigger space, at that point, you should look somewhere else.
  • No pocket or padding for a laptop.
  • The structure from inside is not the best one.
  • Highly lightweight

Final decision:

If you want to buy a cheap and super lightweight backpack for hiking, then the Venture Pal daypack is the best hiking backpack for under 50$. It is a multipurpose backpack that can be used for camping or hiking or even school trips. I would give this backpack two thumbs up. 

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack


Are you looking for a backpack that is bigger than your average hiking backpack? Then Teton Sports Scout 3400 might be the best hiking backpack for you. It has a higher capacity of 55L, which is more than enough for hiking and camping trips. This backpack has an internal frame that is made up of Aluminium. It is strong enough to carry heavy loads. 

Let’s talk about the structure of this backpack. The shoulder straps of this hiking backpack are very thick so you can easily carry heavy loads with comfort. There is also an adjustable chest strap which every premium backpack should have. You can adjust this chest strap while carrying your backpack. 

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack has open-cell lumbar padding for airflow and comfort. So you don’t have to worry about sweating on your back and shoulders. The backpack is made up of 600D oxford canvas. This is a high-quality material.

Hence, it will last longer than you think. When you are hiking, you might face extreme conditions like thorns on plants, sand, grass, etc. on your way through. But there is no need to worry if you are carrying this backpack. It is weather and abrasion-proof. 

The main compartment is huge. You can also put your sleeping bag in it. The staps of this hiking backpack are multi-directional. It is a perfect feature since it prevents the backpack from moving so much and producing discomfort. Moreover, these multi-directional straps are highly comfortable. 

This backpack has several pockets for your hiking gear and essentials. There are pockets for your cell phone, car keys, and other small things. 

As it has a larger capacity and size, this backpack is a little heavier than others. It weighs 4.5 pounds. But still, you can easily carry this backpack. 

  • Large 55L size which is more than enough
  • Adjustable fit and torso straps that are very comfortable
  • Padding on back and straps is thick and comfortable
  • Open-cell lumbar padding for good airflow
  • Made of high-quality 600D Oxford Canvas material
  • The main section easily fits a sleeping bag.
  • Multi-directional straps
  • Various pockets
  • The weight of this backpack is a little heavier
  • It is not the right choice for people with shorter heights.
  • Tragically, the Teton Sports Scout 3400 isn’t exceptionally huge with regards to multi-day packs.
  • Even though the Teton Scout 3400 accompanies a pocket for hydration, it doesn’t accompany a water bladder.

Final decision:

I would give this backpack two thumbs up. The Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is the best hiking backpack for moderate hikes. 

It is a long-lasting bag and should keep up well with the required attention.

WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack


This backpack has more capacity than any other backpack on the list. The OutdoorMaster backpack has a 50L capacity, if you want more than that, then WASHING Internal Frame Backpack might be the right choice for you. It has a 55L capacity. 

This hiking backpack is made with rip-stop polyester, which is high-quality water-resistant material.

There is soft padding of foam at the back of this backpack with airflow channels. Those channels keep your back cool and dry. So you won’t have to worry about sweating while long hikes. 

The good thing about this backpack is that it has an extra rain cover compartment. You will get the rain cover with this hiking backpack. This backpack also has another pocket on the hip belt to keep your valuables. There are one bladder sleeve, two side pockets, and one front pocket. 

This backpack is a little bit heavier than others, and it weighs around two pounds and some ounces. There is another exciting feature of this backpack. It has an emergency whistle buckle. 

All the straps of this hiking backpack are adjustable. You can adjust them as per your requirement. The hip straps will prevent the backpack from unnecessary movement. On the top, you have one exceptionally huge zippered pocket with outside access but then another little zippered pocket on the underside of the cover. 

One very large pocket is totally on the base, and here you have put away the incorporated downpour spread.

  • Insane cost.
  • Best backpack Under 100 $
  • It truly looks cool.
  • Various pockets
  • Very spacious backpack
  • This backpack has airflow channels
  • Lightweight
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Less padding at the back
  • Not too much comfortable
  • Insufficient cushioning
  • Not too much durable as it should be
  • Not flexible middle length.
  • Reports of issues with clasps.
  • Not extraordinary suspension. 

Final decision:

There could be more cushioning to make it lightweight. I think they could have used more padding to make this backpack easy to carry and comfortable. Washing 55L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is not too durable.

The Wasing 55L hiking backpack has practically every one of the features you need. It looks extraordinary, and its cost is reasonable. The price isn’t the main factor you ought to consider. Some other, progressively costly hiking backpacks may last more.

On the off chance that you need it for infrequent use, at that point this will address your issues. It is likewise reasonable in case you’re new to hiking and attempting to check whether it is for you. Although it’s anything but a sturdy backpack, the others that have a similar size are 4 to multiple times progressively costly.



For individuals who prefer lightweight hiking backpacks, this is probably the best hiking backpack available for them. It is a spacious and lightweight backpack at the same time. It’s very comfortable to carry. I can carry this for a day-long hike. 

Let us move on to the main features of this backpack. OutdoorMaster 50L hiking backpack has a capacity of 50L. You can put all of your hiking and camping gear in it. You can even put your sleeping bag in this hiking backpack. 

This backpack has a unique feature. The straps of this backpack are shaped like S. We call them S-curved straps. S-curved shoulder straps are very comfortable. The S-curved straps support the counter of your body. 

The weight of this hiking backpack is slightly higher than the others. Because it has a waterproof cover, this bag weighs around 2.6 pounds. 

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is made up of thin but very durable material. It is a long-lasting material. There are various pockets for keeping your essentials in this backpack. You can even put your 15.6 inches laptop in it. There is a separate padded compartment for that. 

There is the other thing that I forgot to mention above. The hip belt of this hiking backpack is padded with foam. So it makes the backpack very comfortable.

The texture of this backpack is water-safe, and it accompanies a waterproof downpour spread to use during heavy rain showers.

Let’s talk about the zippers of this backpack. You may have to compromise on zippers and use them carefully. The quality of zippers is not good enough as compared to other premium backpacks. 

The primary compartment has a 50L limit. There is additionally a compartment for a workstation and another one to store the essential hiking items or your clothes. It additionally has interior and outside pockets for little things and two flexible work side pockets for water bottles.

This is a multipurpose backpack. You can carry it on hiking, or you can go to travel to explore the world with this backpack. It can also be used for commuting. You can utilize this backpack as portable gear.

  • Optimal Space
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Snug Fit
  • Weatherproof
  • Downpour spread included
  • Lots of pockets
  • Multipurpose
  • Unstable surface
  • Weak zippers
  • The heaviness of the backpack is fairly high at 2.6 pounds; it probably won’t be the best carry friend for extremely long separation hiking.
  • Likewise, the hip belt of the backpack doesn’t generally fill in as one, yet instead works as a high midriff belt.
  • So it isn’t an excellent choice for the weight allocation that the hip belt was made for.

Final decision:

This is the best day-hiking backpack under $100 as it has the appropriate measure of room that you need and the correct highlights for hiking in the day. OUTDOORMASTER HIKING BACKPACK is better than average looking great backpacks with 50 liters carrying limit. 

The materials utilized in its production are altogether quality and first-class materials from the texture (made of lightweight yet solid nylon material) down to the zippers utilized (YKK zippers).

Mountaintop 65L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack


This hiking backpack has an internal frame. The internal frame of the Mountaintop 65L Hiking Backpack is made up of steel. But the fabric used for this backpack is nylon. It is a water-resistant backpack. The weight of this backpack is more than 3 pounds. 

It has a huge capacity of 65L. You can put everything from your clothes to a sleeping bag or camping gear in it. 

The fabric of this hiking backpack is thin as compared to the other backpacks. But still, it is very strong and durable. 

That one thing I like the most about this backpack, from straps to the internal frame, everything is adjustable. You can adjust the frame and straps according to your needs. 

There is enough foam padding on the shoulder and hip straps. There is also comfortable padding on the back. The straps and back provide airflow. Hence, you won’t have to worry about your back being wet with sweating. 

Besides the main zippered compartment, there are two pockets on the sides that are flexible. And two pockets with zippers on the hip belt to keep your valuables. There are various small pockets in and outside of the backpack. 

It is a hydration-ready backpack. There is a hydration bladder near the main compartment. I think it is the best hiking backpack for under 100 $.

There are YKK zippers used on this backpack. These zippers are very smooth. 

This backpack is the dream of a recreational backpacker. 

  • Best hiking backpack for people with taller heights.
  • YKK premium zippers are unlike other ordinary zippers. They can withstand even if the backpack is stuffed too much.
  • Zippers are very smooth.
  • Weight of this backpack is only 3 pounds. It makes this backpack best for long hikes.
  • The backpack does not move too much while walking.
  • The compartment for sleeping bag should be more spacious.
  • Large sleeping bags do not fit in it. 

Final decision:

In my opinion, it is the best hiking backpack under $100.

That’s it… !!

Why Are Hiking Backpacks Important?

I have constantly cherished hiking. Being out in nature and away from every one of the issues of “this present reality” can truly help reset your mind and disposition. I would snatch my shoddy backpack and go. 

I began hiking (practically day by day) in 2014. We have more than 20 miles of trails around a little ways from my home, and my significant other was preparing to convey….Once more. Hiking improved my well-being physically as well as my psyche and enthusiastic prosperity. 

I began hiking with a basic Camelbak, at that point moved up to one with more stockpiling (practically like a little backpack). Indeed soon I was conveying around 10-15 pounds of stuff that honestly I didn’t require on the kinds of hiking I was doing (and the zone I was hiking). Include another 10 pounds of camera gear, and the heap was substantial. Everything I could believe was how those that hike medium-term do manage the weight? The first mile was in every case alright, yet from that point onward, you truly began inclination it, particularly in your shoulders. 

Truly, on the off chance that you are going on a basic day hiking, where the landscape is simple, and help is quickly accessible, all you truly need is water and possibly two or three tidbits, so in all actuality, a Camelbak will carry out the responsibility. 

With me, be that as it may, I never realize how far I will hike. There have been days where I would jump on the trail, reveal to myself I will just for 4-5 miles, and wind up doing 15. I like investigating new territories as well.

How to Choose the Right Hiking Backpack?

How Do You Pick the Best Hiking Backpack Under $100?

Today, I’m going to teach you how.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Tragically there are nobody-size fits just for hiking backpacks. Even though that would make life much simpler, it’s not the situation. The correct hiking backpack relies upon the kind of walk you will do, and when you will do it.

Longer Walks

On the off chance that you’ve set yourself the test of hiking the South Coast track in Tasmania, in any case, you’ll need a hiking backpack with a 60 Liter limit, or possibly significantly bigger.

Day Strolls

If the objective is to finish a day walk or a bolstered multi-day hiking, for instance, at that point, a little hiking backpack is altogether. Anyway, be careful about going excessively little. Consider the climate where you’re going. What season will you be there? Will it be cold? Wet? 

You may need space for a couple of additional layers, or your wet climate gear.

Weight & Feel

If you pursue the counsel above, you’re going to discover what a hiking backpack feels like when it’s completely stacked. Likely the most significant factor when settling on another hiking backpack. 

Ten kilos feels altogether different from five when it’s on your back I can guarantee you, so kindly attempt before you purchase. Regardless of whether you don’t have all your rigging with you, a few stores have ’embeds’ of an assortment of loads that you can try different things with, on the off chance that you inquire. 

Once more, remember the conditions. In winter you may require additional space for warm layers or wet climate gear, while in summer you’re probably going to require much more water. 

A few liters in any event, for an entire day stroll in the warmth. 

So ensure your gauge of weight is as exact as could be expected under the circumstances. 

The very exercise of stacking all your rigging into a pack can now and again help you trim down to the minimum necessities as well. Do you truly require that jug of red? Possibly get it conveyed to your convenience for the night rather, no? 

Make certain to convey just what you need, is constantly a decent control for strolling trips.

Function vs Style

How a backpack looks is a key factor for some, yet I guarantee you how its capacities are much increasingly significant. 

Waist Belt

Regardless of what size you’re seeing, I’d immovably prescribe purchasing a hiking backpack with a better-than-average abdomen, or hip belt, ideally with some cushioning.


Amazingly helpful for those normally utilized things, for example, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, cameras, or cell phones – changed to the quiet method. 

In case you’re a picture taker, simple access side or top pockets will be extremely valuable. Ensure they can accommodate your focal points, and some other gear you may require all the time.

Strolling in The Rain 

The times of outside casings and substantial canvas packs that gauge a ton are well behind us thank heavens. 

Most well-planned bigger hiking presently has inside casings produced using lightweight materials, and the texture will, for the most part, be waterproof partially. 

‘Showerproof’ is the thing that most guarantee, which means you’ll be OK for a brief timeframe in a light sprinkle. For expanded periods nonetheless, or in a storm despite everything you’ll require a downpour spread, and an inner waterproof liner.

Rain Cover

Many hiking backpacks accompany a downpour spread included, regularly covered up in a pocket at the base so ensure you have a decent look before you purchase a bit of gear you needn’t bother with.

Durability & Replace-Ability

Much such as yourself toward the part of the long bargain hiking, your hiking backpack will be liable to some mileage. Clasps and zippers are commonly the weakest focuses, and you should initially guarantee the zippers are hardcore, sliding effectively forward and backward before you slide over your money.

Buckles & Clips

Clasps and clasps are another feeble points, anyway, they’re effectively supplanted, and in case I’m going on a long walk I regularly toss a couple of extras clinched. Numerous outside stores stock substitution clasps, similar to the Sea to Summit Range for instance.


The main thing to check is that the ties have satisfactory cushioning. If not they’ll chomp into your shoulders, and you unquestionably don’t need that. As referenced before, likewise attempt the backpack completely stacked, to perceive how it feels with a touch of weight in it.

Women’s Backpacks

A few brands are presently offering backpacks planned explicitly for ladies, with sizes and hackle designs custom fitted to their body shapes. So in case, you’re attempting to discover a pack that feels perfect, try them out.

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